It Was Here That I Felt a Human Again...

«Тільки тут я відчув себе людиною...». Історичні та методичні матеріали до документального фільму «З Галичини до Ааргау». – К.:Український центр вивчення історії Голокосту, 2014. – 92 с. (It Was Here That I Felt a Human Again… Historical and methodological materials to the documentary film “From Galicia to Aargau”)

Ukrainian Center for Holocaust Studies continues its series “Library of the Holocaust Memoirs”. These materials accompanied by the film (an educational set of a DVD and a brochure with historical and methodological data) give us a possibility to feel the tragic context of the time through the tragic personal story of Isaak Steger – Jerzy Czarnecki.

These historical and methodological texts are to a certain extent an informational supplement to the documentary by Peter and Susanne Scheiner “From Galicia to Aargau: a Fate of a Jewish European in the XX century”. The main part of the film was shot in 2007, in six years, in 2013 the film was ready with an epilogue. This is a story about a Jew from eastern Galicia, from a small town Velyki Mosty. Isaak Steger managed to escape the Nazi genocide on Ukrainian territories. Under the name of Jerzy Czarnecki, after many tragic challenges, he managed to survive the Holocaust and get to Switzerland, Canton Aargau, where he spent a considerable part of his life after the war. The materials are dedicated to the history of west-Ukrainian Jews, Ukrainian-Jewish relations in the region before and during the Holocaust, history of the Jewish community in Velyki Mosty. The edition also contains lists of selected works for further reading, recommendations for teachers on using the film in class, additional sources.

The publication was possible due to financial support from the Embassy of Switzerland in Ukraine and Moldova.

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