Х Annual Competition of Student Research and Art Works "History and Lessons of the Holocaust"

On 2 May 2010 at the I.F. Kuras Institute for Political and Ethnic Studies of NAS of Ukraine Ukrainian Center for Holocaust Studies under the support of Democracy Grants Program of the USA Embassy in Ukraine and Eurasian Jewish Congress are holding the opening ceremony for the Х Annual Competition of Student Research and Art Works "History and Lessons of the Holocaust"
Annually, following the foundations laid by Declaration of the Stockholm International Forum on the Holocaust and the UN resolution on the International Holocaust Memorial Day, wishing to make a contribution into commemoration of the victims of the genocide, Ukrainian Center for Holocaust Studies are holding a competition of research and art works "History and Lessons of the Holocaust", targeted at secondary school students of Ukraine. The competition aims at spreading the knowledge about the Holocaust among secondary school students; making the topic a subject of school research; developing students' research and analytical skills; discovering new facts of the Holocaust and their introduction to the scholarly field; fostering international cooperation and exchange of young researchers; educating tolerant and respectful attitude to representatives of other cultures. In frames of the opening ceremony a presentation of the collection of best student competition works for 2006-2009 will take place.
The Competition will be opened on the premises of the I.F. Kuras Institute for Political and Ethnic Studies of NAS of Ukraine to be then continued by presentations of students' works and following discussions on 2-4 May at one of recreation houses near Kyiv.

Latest News

  • Bulletin «Lessons of the Holocaust», № 4 (64), 2020

    Dear colleagues! The fresh issue of information-pedagogical bulletin of UCHS «Lessons of the Holocaust», № 4 (64), October-December, 2020 has been published.

  • Roads of Memory: How to Organize Memorial Visits to Mass Grave Sites

    We would like to present guidelines for teachers, students and anyone wishing to contribute to commemorate Ukrainian Jews and Roma, who were cruelly murdered during WWII. The book aims to help organize educational trips to local memorial sites and mass graves. It is based on the experience of the Protecting Memory Project and its participating teachers and local activists.

    [Download (in Ukrainian)]

  • Clara’s War: One Girl’s Story of Survival

    Ukrainian Center for Holocaust Studies is glad to announce the Ukranian edition of “Clara’s War: One
    Girl’s Story of Survival” by Clara Kramer.

    [Download (in Ukrainian)]

  • Memorial Dates in December

    Reminder of the project: “Babyn Yar, memory against history’s background” We want to draw your attention to four special days in December and our Teacher’s interactive guidebook.

  • (No) Child History

    We already wrote about the UCHS‘s new project


    Now we will finally tell you more about it: Our project “(No) Child History“, which is also a travelling exhibition, tells the stories of 11 children and young adults (Jewish people, Sinti & Roma, Ukrainians) during World War 2 and Holocaust. The characters are describing their experiences with persecution, discrimination, resistance etc...By following the exhibition, you will learn about their lives, personal views and relations.