ХІХ All-Ukrainian I.B. Medvinsky Competition of Students’ Research and Art Works “History and Lessons of the Holocaust”

On 17-19 of May 2019 the ХІХ All-Ukrainian I.B. Medvinsky Competition of Students’ Research and Art Works “History and Lessons of the Holocaust” took place in Kyiv.
This year 56 research and art works were submitted to the competition, 34 of them were approved by the reviewers for the final presentation in Kyiv.
During a three day competition students, their supervisors, the jury and the organizers listened to the presentation speeches of the participants, took part in various training sessions, watched documentaries and feature films dedicated to the tragic and complicated events of XX century. We congratulate all the winners and their supervisors!


 Winners of the competition:

Winners of the research sections:
First place - Tkachuk Yuliia “Rescuers of Jews in Chernivtsi during the Holocaust”, supervisor - Herasym N. (Chernivtsi);
Second place - Zourab Kateryna “Authors’ guided tour “Poltava. Holocaust. Sites of Memory”, supervisor - Moskalenko O. (Poltava)
Second place - Nehoda Ihor and Korivnyk Mariia “A special target for Nazis (video project)”, supervisors - Gedz V., Ashenko A., Melnyk T., Kovalinska M. (Markiv);
Third place - Hlukhova Yeva “Dina Pronicheva: the fate of a country through the fate of a human”, supervisor - Fridman I. (Kyiv)
Third place - Nechepurenko Artem “Problems of historical memory preservation about Porajmos in Ukraine”, supervisors - Barabash N.O. and Kapyltsova V.I. (Kryvyi Rih)

Winners of the art works sections:
First place - Panasenko Olha “Children of the Holocaust”, supervisor - Fuzik L. (Kyiv);
Second place - Lazaruk Maryna “Series of works 1. Tornmented. 2. Execution 3. 31 of March. Guards in Bergen-Belsen… Corps of the female imprisonments. 4. 1 of April 9:16. Gas chamber”, supervisor - Zaliva T. (Kyiv)
Second place - Semeniy Marharyta “Expressive language in the book of poems “Babyn Yar. Voices” by Marianna Kiyanovska”, supervisor - Shevchuk V. (Khoroshivka, Zhytomyr region);
Third place - Kovalchuk Yana Series of drawings “History of One Family”, supervisor - Kulishova O. (Ostrozhets, Rivne region);
Third place - Pravotorova Anastasiia Series of drawings in the “computer graphics” technique “History - Life of Memory”, supervisor - Antipova S. (Kamianske)
Competition was possible due to the support of the Association of Jewish Organizations and Communities of Ukraine (Vaad of Ukraine) and the Embassy of the State of Israel to Ukraine.
Photo: Valentyna Shevchuk, Vitalii Gedz.

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